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7 Social Media Truths Illustrated by The Beatles


This article originally appeared on John, Paul, George, and Ringo taught many of us about life through the eloquence of their lyrics. We’ve been inspired, motivated, fallen in love, fallen out of love, and gone a little trippy at times all to the soundtrack of The Beatles. If you wanted more proof that genius music is truly applicable everywhere (even in the digital age), …

Beyond Mobilegeddon


This article originally appeared on Google warned digital marketers prior to this week’s release of their new “Mobile Friendly Update” algorithm. Yet, concerns surrounding Tuesday’s D-Day reached a fever pitch and, for many, it sounded like it came as a surprise. Tech writers called it “Mobilegeddon”. (The Web Team at TOKY has some side eye for those doomsday preppers, but that’s another story.) So, …

Why Digital Marketers Care about a Cookie


This article originally appeared on  I’m willing to wager you never thought a humble chocolate sandwich cookie would be the catalyst that changed social media marketing overnight.  With one simple tweet, Oreo sent brand managers everywhere scrambling to figure out where they’d gotten kicked off of the “new media advertising” ride. Before 2013, social media marketing was typically a bunch of brands jockeying for attention. Heavy-handed …