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5 Core Concepts for Branded Social Media Strategies

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This article originally appeared on This isn’t an article about how to use Facebook, or what time to Tweet (though those will come later). You’ve already heard from us about some of the essential truths of social media. Think of this as the next step. This is an introduction to the five key elements of a social media strategy. With these five elements in …

7 Social Media Truths Illustrated by The Beatles


This article originally appeared on John, Paul, George, and Ringo taught many of us about life through the eloquence of their lyrics. We’ve been inspired, motivated, fallen in love, fallen out of love, and gone a little trippy at times all to the soundtrack of The Beatles. If you wanted more proof that genius music is truly applicable everywhere (even in the digital age), …

SMART Goals for Social Media


This article originally appeared on In our last social media tutorial, we walked through seven essential truths of digital marketing. This week, we’ll look at an easy-to-remember mnemonic device to help create a digital marketing strategy. “Work smarter, not harder.” We’ve all heard it, most likely from some glib corporate-type that you swear walked right off the set of Office Space and handed you a …